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Does a daily walk really benefit my Dog or does it get my Dog hyper in the middle of the day?

- A daily walk will benefit your Dog so it does not get hyper during the day. Yes, the Dog will be full of energy during the walk and be fully awake when it is dropped off, but after exercise Dogs will settle quickly.

What if I need to contact you in an emergency, or if you need to contact me?

- As part of our client terms and conditions contract, we will exchange phone numbers and contact information should an emergency arise.

Are there a minimum amount of Dog walks that I must order?

- No, there is no requirement. K-9 Companionship appreciates your business, but we ask for two days advance notice of a service or a short notice fee will apply.

How will your Pet providers discipline my Pet, if necessary?

- K-9 Companionship believes in positive reinforcement for Pets. We will never abuse your Pet in any form. We believe in the “Three P’s,” and that is Patience, Practice and Praise! If there are any disciplinary problems like toilet training issues, running away, etc., you will be informed of the incident(s) and we will follow through with how you want the Pet to be disciplined. Consistency is a must for whoever is around your Pet.

How and when do I make payments for services?

- K-9 Companionship accepts both cash and checks for services. For monthly services, the full amount owed to K-9 Companionship, LLC will be paid on or before the end of the 30 day cycle. The 30 cycle begins the day of your first Dog walk/Cat sit. There is a leeway time of five days. Any late obligations after the five day leeway will be charged a late fee of $25. For House sitting, the fee owed will be paid on or before client’s return date. For any other services, fees owed will be paid on or before service date. Client has the option to prepay or leave cash or a check at their home.

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